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the sensorial

spa experience

Choose your room's mood and your favorite Aromatherapy.


Our customized rooms can change their environment (lighting, visuals
and sound) based on your relaxation preferences. Choose from Water, Flowers, Rain Forest, Meadow and Classic environments.

Feel the relaxing and Medicine properties of the aromatherapy by selecting your preference from Lavender, lemon Grass, Eucalyptus, Tangerine, Rose Garden and Sandalwood.

About us



Spa Bolena, located just a few miles north of Atlanta, is one of the top full-service spas in Georgia. Our massagesfacials and body treatments reflect the individual needs of our clients.


Our customized day spa experiences feature specially selected, advanced skin care products, and are performed in the environment and aroma of your choosing.


Headed by Sandra Parra, an internationally trained and practiced esthetician with over 10 years experience, Spa Bolena will exceed your expectations of relaxation and results.

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